Boston Transportation

Airport Arrival

A covered sky bridge links the Hilton Boston Logan Airport with Terminals A and E at Boston Logan International Airport. Walking time is about 5 minutes. From Terminal A & E follow signs for ”bridge to central parking” and ”pedestrian bridge.” Take this walkway to the parking elevators. Proceed to second floor and into the Hilton Hotel via sky bridge.

Free shuttle service to the Hilton is also available from all four airport terminals by calling the hotel at 617-681-8899. Follow signs to baggage claim area. Go out to the curbside area marked ”courtesy buses.” The Hilton shuttle will arrive within 15 minutes or less of your request.

The nearest Subway Station is the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Airport Station located on Bremen Street. The station is about 1 mile from the Hilton. Free MBTA buses connect the station to the Airport Terminals. Also, the Hilton provides a shuttle service by calling 617-681-8899.

Public Transportation

[Click here for a full-size PDF of the Subway map shown at left]

Boston has an extensive public transportation system combining a subway (which runs above and below ground) called the “T”, and a surface bus system. The system uses paper tickets which may be purchased at any station.

Costs vary depending on the type of ticket purchased:

  • Basic one-way fare is $2.75.
  • Using a pre-paid Charlie Card, fares drop to $2.25 per one-way fare. Charlie Cards may be reloaded. Available only at the Charlie Store at the Downtown Crossing station.
  • Travel Passes are the best deal for tourists. A weekly pass costs $21.25 for unlimited trips on either the subway or buses. After 5 round-trip rides you’ve paid for your pass! Available at the self-service ticket machines at each station. Daily Travel Passes are $12.

A word of caution when using Travel Passes: once a pass is scanned, it may not be scanned again for 10 to 15 minutes. This prevents multiple riders from using the same pass!

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